Tiny Mix Tapes Review of “On Its Way” From Wei Zhongle

♫♪  Wei Zhongle – “On Its Way”

Mystic Piebald Snake by Joshua Calleja: Cover Photo for Wei Zhongle’s The Operators

Painting the puffer fish in the snake pit with a Rubbermaid lid as my palette. Quaaludes to the shake of a tail, yellow and black yayue. The canvas is damp with my spit and pill foam but otherwise blank. Down in the pit, there’s so much going on. Who needs colors: I’m in the dark and hypnotized by the world’s ten fattest non-lethal snakes. One bops its fat head against the glass, smearing venom snot, the pet-friendly kind.

Finally they picked me to be the canary in the coal mine. They lowered me into the depths during the dormancy cycle. Like loaded dice, it comes up at two. He comes around too with my snifter and my beer, sliding Nicolas Cage in an Alii Lole down a puffer spike for garnish. Nice touch.

Wei Zhongle Premiere New Track ‘On Its Way’


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

All praise Chicago’s Wei Zhongle, experimental pop polymaths who have been developing and disfiguring their sound the turn of the decade. Set to release their latest album, The Operators, on February 16th via Self Sabotage Records, the quartet’s shape-shifting grooves continue to evolve and expand, forever pushing forward into their own unique landscape of psychedelic exploration and brain-stem dripped art pop. It’s becoming increasingly hard to stand out when seemingly everyone is embracing their weirder side, but there’s only one Wei Zhongle.

“On Its Way,” the record’s first single is a warped and bubbling slice of progressive experimentation, a song that captures a pop sensibility in structure, and stays firmly rooted in the avant-garde on all other fronts. Distorted clarinet and heavily effected guitar create a twitchy melody, zigging and zagging into hypnotic depths and dropped out visions. The band balance rattling static and detached funk rhythms with seesawing melodies and infectious vocals, distorted but welcoming; like a friendly alien come to make new earthling friends. Skronks, blips, and electronic inconsistencies add character to each verse, coloring with rapid textures and vividly sputtering layers of manipulated sound.

Wei Zhongle’s The Operators is out February 16th via Self Sabotage Records.

Razorcake Review of Plax’s Debut Album

PLAX: Clean Feeling: LP


How to capsulate the sound of Plax? They’re a mix of punk, post-punk, and garage. They feature members from OBN IIIs, Spray Paint, and Skeleton, so those influences seep in. You could compare them to Institute, who I do like, but Plax is much better. The songs are largely mid tempo with some jangly guitars, a propulsive bass, and drummer who knows there’s power being economical. “What a Waste” is a killer among killers that takes off right out the gate with the bass up in the mix, pushing the whole affair forward. “Mistake” is somewhat similar, and just as good. I like the confrontational tone of “Location,” but it’s the closer, “Mold,” that has me singing the praises of Plax. It’s a drawn-out song that is heavy in atmosphere. The guitar work is a-f’n number one primo. Great record! –Matt Average (Super Secret, supersecretrecords.com)

RMX Radio Interview with Richard and Alex

‘Super Secret Records’, la nueva plataforma ‘cazatalentos’


'Super Secret Records', la nueva plataforma 'cazatalentos'‘Super Secret Records’, la nueva plataforma ‘cazatalentos’

TRANSMISIÓN   28/11/2017


Gonzalo Oliveros lleva más de tres lustros en la creación y producción radiofónica. Comenzó como parte del equipo creativo de NRM, de donde saltó…

En conversaciones para Coup D’ Etat, Clemente Castillo y Richard Lynn, fundador de ‘Super Secret Records’, presentan el proyecto.

Clemente detalló cómo conoció a Lynn y contó cómo fue que nació esta plataforma que se centra en el punk local y la escena de la música underground.

Añadieron que, se encuentran trabajando en la búsqueda de nuevo talento latinoamericano.

“La idea es empezar a filmar algunos proyectos, y parte de la escencia que se busca es que tenga raíz, buscamos que tenga ‘el sabor de su país’, no buscamos perfiles tradicionales, sino una banda que pueda proponer a nivel mundial”. 

Te invitamos a escuchar la entrevista completa aquí.

Swordfish Blog Review of Debut Little Mazarn Album

Review: Little Mazarn – S/T

Little Mazarn Album Cover

I’ve always considered Curtis Eller to be the prototypical underground banjo player. He crafts song-stories about history (or more appropriately, history through a warped contemporary lens) with an Americana flare and P.J. Barnum hucksterism; his banjo, as vibrant as a ringing electric guitar, drives the compositions front and center. Little Mazarn, whose self-titled outing will be released next week via Self-Sabotage Records, plants itself firmly on the other side of the spectrum, making filmy ballads that place spare, reverb-drenched banjo measures alongside Lindsey Verrill’s tender, longing voice. In other words: this is slowcore, even dreadcore, folk that sounds, at times, like it was recorded at a slower speed than you’re used to hearing a banjo.

Verrill, for sure, does some amazing things on the too-short debut. The opening “In Dreams,” where Verrill’s ghostly banjo measures are accented by what sounds like a musical saw, echoes Black Heart Procession but is somehow more resolute, less dirge-ish, more adept at creating drama without the drama.

The murder ballad “Rain and Snow” is haunted, ephemeral .“White Fang” is devastatingly fragile to a fault. Even when Verrill tips her hat at lusher moments – the reach-for-the-clouds voices on “Love Is All Around You” are carefully multi-tracked during the chorus – the landscape still is pretty barren. (I mean that lovingly.) This is the music Sam Beam or Damien Jurado make when they’re sad-drunk and alone.

What you think of Little Mazarn will depend, largely, on how you view loneliness. From the banjo echoing, a bell unanswered, to the plaintive singing or the spare accompaniment here and there, the record is assuredly a solitary affair. Instead of referencing Eller, consider fellow antique-gardist Robin Aigner at her most melancholy: strip her bare, remove a layer of skin so every emotion seeps more quickly into your system, and you’ll get an idea of Verrill’s M.O.

All in all, a fine outing.

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