Super Secret Records and Twistworthy Records Annual Showcase

poster by Jay Campbell

Super Secret Records & Twistworthy Records annual showcase at Beerland (711 Red River) on Wednesday, 15 March 2017

FREE, no wristband/badge/RSVP required, 21+ only

1:00 PM — Adam Busch [Austin]

1:45 PM — FAR OUT [Houston]

2:25 PM — Western Homes [Austin]

3:10 PM — ST 37 [Austin]

3:55 PM — Economy Island [Austin]

4:40 PM — The Ex-Optimists [College Station]

5:25 PM — Nameless Frames [Austin]

6:00 PM — PATIO show: Coma In Algiers [Austin]

8:00 PM — Unknown Relatives [Austin]

8:45 PM — Art Acevedo [Austin]

9:25 PM — John Wesley Coleman III [Austin]

10:10 PM — Bum Out [Austin]

10:55 PM — Poizon [Houston]

11:35 PM — Evil Triplet [Austin]

12:15 AM — Suspirians [Austin]

1:00 AM — Lung Letters [Austin]

Austin Cultural Exchange & Self Sabotage Present

poster by Kelsey Jenkinson

7:00 PM — Bob Hoffnar + Mike St. Clair
7:30 PM — Ralph White + Steve Marsh
8:00 PM — Horne + Holt
8:30 PM — More Eaze w/ Dane Rousay
9:00 PM — Ben Bennett [Philly]
9:30 PM — Self Sabotage Social Soiree*
10:00 PM — Adam Busch / Lisa Cameron / Ingebrigt Håker Flaten
10:30 PM — Caleb de Casper (with visuals by Chris Svoboda)

Tiny Book Collection presented by Jennifer Hecker (archivist;head of Town Talk Library) and Josh Ronsen (artist/musician)

at the Museum of Human Achievement (Springdale & Lyons, behind/adjacent to Canopy)

*Dyr Faser had to cancel due to snowstorm in New England

Transona Five album preview on Brooklyn Vegan

Transona Five’s self-titled legacy double LP comes out this week via our reissue imprint Sonic Surgery Records — you can hear it in its entirety on Brooklyn Vegan

You can pre-order the album now on our online store at

Austin Chronicle feature on Evil Triplet & Steve Marsh

Evil Triplet‘s main man Steve Marsh gets the feature treatment  in the 10 February 2017 issue of the Austin Chronicle. He talks about the upcoming debut double LP OTHERWORLD that we are putting out and talks about Terminal Mind, one of Austin’s seminal punk bands (we will be reissuing remastered Terminal Mind tracks via Sonic Surgery), as well as his involvement with other bands and the Austin music scene. There is even mention of our future cassette release of Steve’s electronic music project Radarcave (coming out on Self Sabotage). Read all about it at

Laktas, Marsh, and Volpi
(photo by John Anderson, Austin Chronicle)

Austin Chronicle reviews of John Wesley Coleman III, Evil Triplet and New Berlin

Three excellent reviews for the new albums by John Wesley Coleman III, Evil Triplet and New Berlin in the 10 February 2017 issue of the Austin Chronicle.

MICROWAVE DREAMS, the latest from Wes & company, received 4 stars — “Pared-down runtime, top-notch production, and souped-up arrangements, Microwave Dreams presents the singer-songwriter-guitarist in the best possible light. […] While Microwave Dreams glints the same ambitious spirit that gave rise to the Band’s Music from Big Pink, Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers, and the Minutemen’s Double Nickels on the Dime, these touchstones get thoroughly subsumed into a fresh amalgam.” 

OTHERWORLD, the debut double LP by Evil Triplet tallied 3-and-a-half stars — “The band’s power space rock punches all the right buttons: distortion, winding melodies, propulsive rhythms, astronautical lyrics, whooshing electronics – even the occasional Middle Eastern lift […] as if acid has run in their veins since birth. Space was always the place.”

BASIC FUNCTION, New Berlin’s debut full-length LP (also out on the German DIY label Erste Theke Tontraeger) gets 3 stars — “[NB] sounds like an artifact from the DIY Eighties, its angular garage-pop as informed by New Wave theatre as Nuggets. Like smart kids who prefer spinning records and strumming guitars to hanging out with the cool crowd, Flanagan and company channel their nervous energy into miniature explosions of tunes and sardonicism.”

Order the new John Wesley Coleman III album MICROWAVE DREAMS

The new album by John Wesley Coleman III, MICROWAVE DREAMS, is now available for order! Hailed by Tom Scharpling of The Best Show as the first great record of 2017, our second release from Wes features rock n roll greats like Walter Daniels, Greg Levy and Jack Oblivian.


And while you wait for your record, check out the video premiere of “Mama I’m A Big Boy” (made by Andy Campbell) on Austin Town Hall: