Exclusive Suspirians Music Video Premiere for “Nocturne”

Suspirians debut video for "Nocturne"

Today, Austin Texas band Suspirians, are debuting the new video for “Nocturne”. The track is off the band’s current release Ti Bon Ange, now out on Super Secret Records. Suspirians, play July 23rd in New Orleans, LA.

Quote about the video & song, by Marisa Pool, singer/guitarist of Suspirians:

“The song was originally called ‘Oh Mouchette’ inspired by the Robert Bresson film Mouchette. It’s a loveless tragedy about a young girl who is treated cruelly by everyone in her life. Thus the title ‘ octurne’. I was in awe of the sad beauty of this film and related to it on many levels. Mostly my own experience as a young woman navigating misogyny and abuse. Writing and performing it has been a way to channel my personal trauma and rage in a positive way. But I put a twist on it and made my character in the song survive even if she had to carry her own head around to do it. Its not a pretty song but It has meaningful core and is about finding strength in human misery.”

On the video:

“We honestly didn’t have much time to make a video, unfortunately! But we brought friends together to make it happen. Neil Ebflow created the visuals by using modular video synths and our friend Steve Marsh of Evil Triplett helped edit live footage shot by our other friend Ángel Delgado-Reyes. It turned out cool!”

Rock music, when done right, will always take us into a netherworld that we never knew existed, but we always somehow felt was within ourselves. The cosmos of inescapable rhythm, in-your-face melody and words, all speak simple truths that perhaps we couldn’t speak for ourselves. Austin, TX trio Suspirians summons that netherworld with their sophomore album Ti Bon Ange.

The album title is taken from a Haitian voodoo term that translates literally to “little good angel” — the part of one’s soul that holds one’s individuality and personal qualities, which leaves the body when sleeping so you can dream. It’s a title quite befitting of the experience listening to Ti Bon Ange, where listeners become immersed in a sound, not just casually attending to it.

From the first notes of the album, throughout its 7-song, 40 minute duration it’s clear that Suspirians aim to deconstruct rock in a way that’s both psychedelic and mysterious as much as it’s direct, infectious and powerful. Guitarist/vocalist Marisa Pool, bassist/keyboardist Stephanie Demopulos and drummer Lisa Cameron craft songs that shape-shift from part to part rather than follow traditional verse-chorus-verse structure. It’s a wall of guitars and subtle synth layers, vocals drenched in reverb and on the brink of feedback, powerful and open drumming that allows the songs to flow like molten lava without ever sounding lethargic. Points of reference bridge a wide array of psychedelic, punk and experimental sounds: Pylon, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Stooges first album, Frightwig, early Butthole Surfers, Roky Erickson & The Aliens, late 70s British post-punk and more.

“We would end up getting lost in the songs together in a sort of epic fever dream,” Pool says. “We did not overthink or over control anything on this record. It was all about going with the flow and following our instincts.” Suspirians’ self-titled debut album — with original drummer Anna Lamphear — was comparatively a more straightforward and garagey affair. Pool and Demopulos began experimenting with their sound soon after and with the addition of Cameron, they collectively found the aesthetic they were after. Cameron’s extensive musical history — having played with the legendary Roky Erickson, as well as celebrated Austin psych band ST37 and other improv/noise projects — helped the band expand its vision. Suspirians’ former synth player Sheila Scoville also guested on the recording.

Ti Bon Ange was recorded at 5th Street Studios with engineer Evan Kleinecke, while the band was still navigating their way through the nascent songs. “We had some raw and powerful basic tracks to bounce off of and the rest of the time was just having fun playing really loud and experimenting,” Pool says. The results are equally as deliberate and completely free as groundbreaking rock’n’roll should be.

Artist: Suspirians
Album: Ti Bon Ange
Label: Super Secret Records

01. Fortune Spider
02. Nocturne
03. Moonwave
04. Black Holes
05. Clean Evil
06. Scarlett Sleeps
07. Divine Spark


07/23 New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar
07/25 Nashville, TN @ Betty’s
07/27-29 Indian Meadow, WV @ Voice of the Valley Fest
07/31 Cincinnati, OH @ Rakes End
08/01 Indianapolis, IN @ State Street Pub
08/02 Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class
08/04 Akron, OH @ Hive Mind
08/05 Kansas City, MO @ Blind Tiger

Lung Letters Song Premiere “Passing Days” at Austin.com

After spending 15 years playing in various Austin bands such as A Giant DogTotal Abuse, and OBN III’s, the members of new local band Lung Letters have released a new EP, Passing Days, while putting out the track of the same name as a single. With a gritty and energetic attitude, Lung Letters proves that punk rock is still alive and thriving in Austin.

Vocals from Jeremy Steen taking center stage on the song, the group’s dirty sound comes to life with incredible intensity. Passing Days is out today on Austin label Super Secret Records.

Take a listen to “Passing Days” below.

Austin Chronicle Spotlight on Nameless Frames Show

Hot Summer Nights: Nameless Frames

Wired, wiry, writhing, ATX trio Justin Main, Rob Yazzie, and Ryan King kick out the jams like late-1970s CBGB punk. As Nameless Frames, they melted the red vinyl grooves of last spring’s debut LP for ascending local indie Super Secret by “putting a fever dream into record form.” Detonating the first night of free weekend at Austin’s homegrown CBGB, they host Sad Palomino, the Chads, and David Israel.

– Raoul Hernandez

Beerland, 711 Red River

The Agit Reader Praises Suspirians’ Ti Bon Ange

Ti Bon Ange

July 13th, 2017  |  by Brian O’Neill

Suspirians, Ti Bon AngeIn Voodoo belief, the soul is made of two parts. The ti bon ange, literally “little good angel,” is the part of the soul that contains the individual qualities of a person. The Suspirians’ sophomore release lives up to that title by showcasing how distinct individual influences can merge into one coherent, and at times, stunningly good album.

The obvious touchstone for Ti Bon Ange (Super Secret Records) is psychedelia befitting not only the trio’s Austin homeland but the fact that drummer Lisa Cameron played with Roky Erickson, which more than lends an air of authenticity to the proceedings. She can rip shit up, but more often than not she doesn’t betray the necessary backbone the material requires. This frees things up for Marisa Pool’s vocals and guitar to cover a lot of ground. She drenches both in reverb so thick you might imagine heat waves emanating from hot, Texas sand. Alongside Stephanie Demopulos’ thumping basslines, it reminds of the moment when punk rock went postal, swirling drone and churlish moans, eyes to the sky but still rooted on earth. This aesthetic is evident on album opener, “Fortune Spider,” which sounds more like a Lee Renaldo composition than something Kim Gordon might have come up with even though the vocals imply otherwise, and “Moonwave,” which imagines Joy Division led by Siouxsie Sioux.

The most fascinating facet of Ti Bon Ange is not just the fact that ‘90s alt-rock rears its head (Savages is a kindred spirit in this regard), but in ways that are far more Lollapalooza than Lilith Fair. “Clean Evil” is disjointed in all the right ways, like a beefier Polvo gone psychedelic grunge; “Scarlett Sleeps,” the penultimate track (and really it’s the last song since album closer “Divine Spark” is just a half minute of noise), is like Nico joined the Deftones.

And then there’s the centerpiece of the album, “Black Holes.” Clocking in at nearly nine minutes long, the song kicks off with a riff not unlike Hole’s “Teenage Whore,” repeating it for more than two minutes before a drum fill kicks the track into hyperdrive. Helios Creed, founder of the legendary Chrome, said that his desire when starting that band was to make “stoney-ass punk rock”. The last five minutes of “Black Holes” fulfills those ambitions. You can’t help but think it might be a religious experience to see the Suspirians play it live.

The other part of the soul in voodoo belief is called gros bon ange, the life force shared by all human beings. Maybe Suspirians are just working their way up to that for album number three, but they’re pretty close right now.

PLAX Announce Debut Album


If you’re looking for a new Austin supergroup to adore, then Plax is the latest to cull members from various bands to form a new entity; they’re spawned from members of Skeleton, OBN IIIs, Spray Paint and Sweet Talk (all bands we enjoy!). Their sound is a fast paced bit of post-punk, fueled by the semi-growl of Victor Ziolkowski. This song is spastic and jittery in all the right places, while the quick drum work gives a sense of pace to the tune. The band will release Clean Feeling on Super Secret Records on August 11th.

Fuckin’ Record Reviews on Suspirians

PUSH 7: Check that heavy metal, underneath your hood

Not sure why, but we erroneously expected Suspirians to be in league with comparatively straight Austin burners like past heroes OBN IIIs or Dikes of Holland or something, but no…this is layered, intricate and thick with a warped lean, like a heavier Disappears. Every song seems to set its luminous heart for the center of the sun and damn if Ti Bon Ange ain’t this year’s grower. Freakin’ love it.

…and by the way, if you see your mom this weekend, will you be sure and
tell her…Super Secret Records is not so quietly having another banner year.

Ti Bon Ange
(Super Secret Records – 2017)

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