SuspiriansSuspirians are a punk rock trio formed in 2012 and based in Austin. Released in 2014 on Super Secret Records, their debut self-titled album was a fairly straight-forward foray into the noisier side of post-punk. Follow-up album, 2017’s “Ti Bon Ange”, showcases a more experimental nature to the band, bringing in some of the psych elements that new drummer Lisa Cameron has long held dear from her work in Self Sabotage Records act ST 37 and with psych pioneer Roky Erickson (13th Floor Elevators). While more evolved than the first album, the new Suspirians sound is still a natural progression from where they were in 2014, nodding back enough to the old to not lose longtime fans, but forward enough to give a fresh new feel to the group. Suspirians will go on a mini tour through the Midwest starting in late July revolving around the Voice of the Valley Noise Rally at Indian Meadows Campground in West Virginia.

Marisa Pool – Vocals, Guitars
Stephanie Demopulos – Bass
Lisa Cameron – Drums

Label Affiliation: Super Secret Records Mini Logo


SSR Discography
> Self-Titled (SSR-044) LP – 2014
> Ti Bon Ange CD/LP – 9 June 2017

Upcoming Tour Dates

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