PLAXIn the summer of 2016, Michael Goodwin approached his longtime friend Chris “Anton” Stephenson and current band-mate in OBN III’s Marley Jones about starting a new outsider punk band that defies all conventional expectations. The three quickly wrote nine songs for a demo, but were still in need of a vocalist. At the time, Marley was playing drums in the ever-evolving Skeleton, formed and fronted by the Ziolkowski brothers, David and Victor. Michael and Anton approached Victor and solidified the PLAX lineup with Victor on vocals. Their first show was July 28th, 2016 at Ikee’s house with New Orleans Total Punk ragers Patsy.  They’ve gone on to play with top tier Texas bands like Crooked Bangs, Institute and Army. Their sound is an evolving whirlwind of WIRE-influenced post-punk to the straight pogo-punk of Dawn of Humans. They toured Texas in January 2017 and released their debut album, ‘Clean Feeling’, on Super Secret Records in August 2017. Following Stephenson’s move to Australia in late 2017, Crooked Bangs’ Samantha Wendel joined Plax to round out the guitar section and makes her debut with the band during their touring obligations for ‘Clean Feeling’.

Victor Ziolkowski – Vocals
Marley Jones – Drums
Samantha Wendel – Guitar
Michael Goodwin – Bass

Label Affiliation: Super Secret Records Mini Logo

SSR Discography
> Clean Feeling (SSR-068) LP – 11 August 2017

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