Tiny Mix Tapes Review of “On Its Way” From Wei Zhongle

♫♪  Wei Zhongle – “On Its Way”

Mystic Piebald Snake by Joshua Calleja: Cover Photo for Wei Zhongle’s The Operators

Painting the puffer fish in the snake pit with a Rubbermaid lid as my palette. Quaaludes to the shake of a tail, yellow and black yayue. The canvas is damp with my spit and pill foam but otherwise blank. Down in the pit, there’s so much going on. Who needs colors: I’m in the dark and hypnotized by the world’s ten fattest non-lethal snakes. One bops its fat head against the glass, smearing venom snot, the pet-friendly kind.

Finally they picked me to be the canary in the coal mine. They lowered me into the depths during the dormancy cycle. Like loaded dice, it comes up at two. He comes around too with my snifter and my beer, sliding Nicolas Cage in an Alii Lole down a puffer spike for garnish. Nice touch.

World Premiere of New Little Mazarn Track at Tiny Mix Tapes

Banjoist Little Mazarn preps self-titled album, premieres centerpiece “My Love Is All Around You”

Banjoist Little Mazarn preps self-titled album, premieres centerpiece "My Love Is All Around You"

The Little Mazarn river in Arkansas looks like this:

Singer/songwriter/ethereal banjoist Lindsey Verrill borrows her musical name from this body of water, but she describes it in her press notes as an “unromantic river.” Maybe so — we’ve never been there, and Verrill’s music does sorta recall this spare, plain ol’ river bank-ness. But in her vocal ability and in her writing, the artist known as Little Mazarn brings her songs to a place that we suggest might surpass the unromantic qualities she sticks on this humble brook. Verrill’s music, for all its simplicity, makes the heart move, and if you’re in the mood to yearn, she’s got you covered.

Today, we are thrilled to premiere “My Love Is All Around You,” the centerpiece of Little Mazarn’s forthcoming new album. The release is self-titled and will be made available December 15 from Self Sabotage. Go and pre-order it here, and then listen to the love all around you here:

Tiny Mix Tapes Premieres New Adam Ostrar Track “Another Room”

Adam Ostrar to release new album Brawls In The Briar, premieres latest single “Another Room”

Adam Ostrar to release new album Brawls In The Briar, premieres latest single "Another Room"
Photo: George McCormack

Autumn’s around the corner, friends. If you’ve felt that calm, easy breeze rolling in these past two weeks, you know what’s up — raking up leaves, throwing on sweaters, watching football, out-of-date jokes about girls who like pumpkin spice, etc.

Now, falling into our hands like a Honeycrisp from the highest branch, Austin-via-Chicago singer-songwriter Adam Ostrar (of Manishevitz — also formerly known as Adam Busch) is blowing an ochre-tinted gust of folksy sweetness on his new LP Brawls In The Briar. Pull the wool coat from your closet and ponder the downright poetic thinning of the treetops with the Bert Jansch-plays-Tropicália-flavored “Another Room,” the record’s newest single, which we have the distinction of premiering for you today.

Brawls In The Briar arrives October 13 from Super Secret Records. Pre-order your super-secret copy right here…if you haven’t already spent all your spare cash on butternut squashes and used copies of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and shit.

Brawls In The Briar tracklisting:

01. Enemy
02. Another Room
03. Warlock
04. Spare Me
05. Drinking From A Candle
06. Hammered White And Barking
07. Cossacks In The Building
08. Hot Air
09. Boy
10. Color Of Bone
11. Cindy Tells Me

Ostrar on tour:

10.13.17 – Austin, TX – Museum Of Human Achievement (record release show)
10.15.17 – Chicago, IL – The Hideout
10.17.17 – Brooklyn, NY – Troost
10.18.17 – Brooklyn, NY- Wayward Social
10.23.17 – Charlottesville, VA – Low
10.24.17 – Athens, GA – Flicker Theater
10.25.17 – New Orleans, LA – Circle Bar
10.27.17 – San Antonio, TX – Lowcountry

Suspirians Song Premiere for “Moonwave”


We’ve seen it before. Sardines praise God when the key twists the tin back. The wind blows the long brown locks of the prisoner’s hair as he breathes the fresh blue air. Out in the plains, the clouds break up. Now we’re free.

Coastline, coasting, cruising, streamline, airborne, horizon. Talking vast talk. When did the scope of rock move from the dance hall to the big round ball? Suspirians might know. We’ll have to get to command center first to find out where their transmission is coming from. Right now, out in the plains, their transmission is deafening. Some of that universal surround sound must have bounced off a canyon somewhere.

The eyes see you. The eyes are everywhere, orbitting; they all belong to the same entity. Image is conveyed to the command center, turning vision into Big Sound, an earthly and epic sound.

Vitamin D in the dirt; the wheels shoot the dirt through the window and into your mouth like Skittles. Don’t have to stop moving to take a leak. The sky is hot blue but turning white, brighter and brighter. 93 mph. The road pushes the bumper, the light pulls the fender. Behind the wheel, you do very little to contribute to the journey except root around for your lost pair of sunglasses and eat dirt.

The Suspirians are Marisa Pool, Stephanie Demopulos and Lisa Cameron. Their second album, Ti Bon Ange (Super Secret Records) will be released June 9.