Post Trash Premiere of Sean Morales’ Video for “Call It In”

Sean Morales – “Call It In” | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Sometimes a music video adds a new light to a song. Sometimes the song adds a new light to the video. Other times a video is simply a reminder that a new record came out and there’s still plenty of life left in it. Sean Morales‘ “Call It In” video, directed by Bud Campbell & Morales, is a bit of all three, a dark and blurry visual that follows a shadowy figure through the night streets. “Call It In,” the title track to Morales’ (James Arthur’s Manhunt) solo debut, sets a moody tone and a mysterious atmosphere. It’s dissonant yet casual, keeping its cool amid a sinister groove. As his drive becomes progressively more disorienting, so does the song, building with saxophone noise and melodic feedback. Ultimately it all leads to kids and a technicolor dance floor. Take it as you will, but know that both the song and video are better for one another.

Sean Morales’ Call It In is out now via Super Secret Records.

Wei Zhongle Premiere New Track ‘On Its Way’


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

All praise Chicago’s Wei Zhongle, experimental pop polymaths who have been developing and disfiguring their sound the turn of the decade. Set to release their latest album, The Operators, on February 16th via Self Sabotage Records, the quartet’s shape-shifting grooves continue to evolve and expand, forever pushing forward into their own unique landscape of psychedelic exploration and brain-stem dripped art pop. It’s becoming increasingly hard to stand out when seemingly everyone is embracing their weirder side, but there’s only one Wei Zhongle.

“On Its Way,” the record’s first single is a warped and bubbling slice of progressive experimentation, a song that captures a pop sensibility in structure, and stays firmly rooted in the avant-garde on all other fronts. Distorted clarinet and heavily effected guitar create a twitchy melody, zigging and zagging into hypnotic depths and dropped out visions. The band balance rattling static and detached funk rhythms with seesawing melodies and infectious vocals, distorted but welcoming; like a friendly alien come to make new earthling friends. Skronks, blips, and electronic inconsistencies add character to each verse, coloring with rapid textures and vividly sputtering layers of manipulated sound.

Wei Zhongle’s The Operators is out February 16th via Self Sabotage Records.

Post-Trash to Stream Full PLAX Debut Album

Plax – “Clean Feeling” LP | Post-Trash Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

For all of Austin’s new condos and gentrification, the triumphant layer of filth that seems to permeate Austin’s punk scene can’t be stopped. The live music capital spends a lot of time in the gutter, with a never ending stream of reckless punk bands that mine tingling aggression with a flat out contempt for the culture springing up around them. With so many great bands in a relatively small scene, collaboration is inevitable, and rising up from the grime like a dirty punk phoenix comes Plax, a new band formed from members of Spray PaintOBN IIIs, and Skeleton (among others). The band’s debut album Clean Feeling is anything but; a hard wound and bruising rush of seasick proto-punk and lo-fi brawn.

Built around staggering post-punk rhythms that twist and turn in tight zig-zagging shifts, Plax’s debut is a rallying call, a brash and unforgiving record of scathing distortion and bleak sentiment. Forgoing nuance in favor of impenetrable outsider intensity, the band balance brainy tangled chord progressions with near spoken shouts. The music of Clean Feeling is convulsive if not hypnotic on songs like “Night Watch” and the primal dirge of “1X1”. Plax shift toward the combustible and propulsive on “What A Waste” and “Location,” a venomous song that urges you to “choose a side” amid a stampeding rhythm and steadily melting tempos. Clean Feeling is post-punk’s rotten core, a record that spits and shouts in the name of all that’s disdainful.

Plax’s Clean Feeling is out August 11th via Super Secret Records.