Ghost Cult Mag Exclusive Stream of New Randall Holt Single

EXCLUSIVE TRACK PREMIER: Randall Holt – I Felt Safe Again And Was At Home

Austin Texas-based classical and experimental cellists, Randall Holt may not be a household name to some, but fans of underground music surely have heard his work. In addition to being a member of a member of Knest (with Thor Harris & Jonathan Horne) and Horne + Holt. Randall has also played in Reverend Glasseye, and collaborated with Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Yann Tiersen, Eric McFadden Trio and jazz composer Adam Rudolph. Having released his current album (digital only) in March 2016, Inside The Kingdom of Splendor and Madness on Self Sabotage Records, next week will see the release of the album on cassette and compact disc. To celebrate Ghost Cult has teamed up with this important artist to bring you his new single, ‘I Felt Safe Again And Was At Home’.



Randall Holt — cello

Recorded, mixed and produced by Chico Jones at Ohm Recording Facility, Austin TX

Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Austin TX

Photo by Renate Winter

2016 Self Sabotage Records

Recap From Austin Jukebox #7 Part One 5/19/2017

First, a huge thank you to everyone who made it out for part one of Austin Jukebox #7! None of what we do would be possible without your support and encouragement.

Austin Jukebox was started with the idea of bridging multiple genre gaps by putting vastly musically different bands together on one stage with one large headlining act topping the bill. In many cases, the headlining act has been a “no way!” group, either because this is their first show together in years or they usually play significantly larger venues. To help advance everyone’s discovery of new genres and bands at these events, the cover has always remained $5. And just to sweeten the deal even more, we’ve always been adamant to keep Austin Jukebox at Beerland, a venue that has provided us much support, encouragement, and advice over the years and supplies a fantastic intimacy with a capacity of about 200 people.

Night one of Austin Jukebox #7 maintained this spirit as we welcomed performances from local bands Will Courtney & The Wild Bunch and ST 37. Headlining things for us on this fine Friday night was the legendary reincarnation of Cleveland protopunk outfit Rocket From The Tombs (complete with a guest appearance from Cheetah Chrome himself). Local favorites Horne + Holt (Jonathan Horne and Randall Holt) wrapped the evening up with our unique late set offering.

Here are a handful of photos from the night. Feel free to share or tag us in your photos and videos from tonight! All Rocket From The Tombs photos are credit of Mike Fickel.

Austin Jukebox #7 Promotional Video


If you haven’t been paying close attention to the Austin Jukebox series, then you haven’t been paying close attention to Austin’s music scene. These shows are built around an eclectic variety, usually bringing in a legendary act; they’ve previously featured acts like James Chance and The Cherubs. But, for my two cents, I love how the bills feature some variety, so you’ll get a legend, but the acts are fleshed out with different styles and tastes…you get a little bit of everything. Here we are to announce Austin Jukebox 7 with a great brief video featuring music from the headliners, Rocket from the Tombs.

The bill will also feature ST 37, Will Courtney and Horne + Holt. But, be warned, the shows are affordable and take place at Beerland, so expect a line if you don’t get there early! Show goes down on May 19th, doors at 7PM.

Austin Cultural Exchange & Self Sabotage Present

poster by Kelsey Jenkinson

7:00 PM — Bob Hoffnar + Mike St. Clair
7:30 PM — Ralph White + Steve Marsh
8:00 PM — Horne + Holt
8:30 PM — More Eaze w/ Dane Rousay
9:00 PM — Ben Bennett [Philly]
9:30 PM — Self Sabotage Social Soiree*
10:00 PM — Adam Busch / Lisa Cameron / Ingebrigt Håker Flaten
10:30 PM — Caleb de Casper (with visuals by Chris Svoboda)

Tiny Book Collection presented by Jennifer Hecker (archivist;head of Town Talk Library) and Josh Ronsen (artist/musician)

at the Museum of Human Achievement (Springdale & Lyons, behind/adjacent to Canopy)

*Dyr Faser had to cancel due to snowstorm in New England