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Album Premiere: Sean Morales Streams Album ‘Call It In’

Singer/songwriters Sean Morales also plays in the group James Arthur’s Manhunt, but today he premieres his new solo debut, Call It In (Super Secret Records). The album itself is a pepped up session of music that doesn’t stay in one place as Morales opts to move from indie rock to punk, blues, power pop, and even touches on Krautrock. The man from Austin, TX, by way of Norfolk, VA, has coraled an assortment of characters to help assemble this album which included Young Mothers, OBN IIIs, Golden Boys and more. Morales doesn’t choose to stand still or stagnate in simply one genre, which gives Call It In an added charm. While others have attempted it only to suffer from a critic(al) identity crisis, here, it’s just charming.


Call It In will be available on LP, CD and download, dropping tomorrow, January 12th, 2018 on Super Secret Records and we’d all be fools if we didn’t pay attention to this album. 

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Stream Entire Cruel Whip Debut Album Now

Stream – Cruel Whip – Fatal Man (Self Sabotage)

Stepping away from his mic-destroying duties in Austin punk band Xetas, David Petro becomes Cruel Whip, a half-man/half-cyborg scoring a soundtrack to a weird future.

6 tracks of Cruel Whip‘s debut are filled to the brim with bone-rattling percussion as well as jarring noises and glitches of unimaginable variety. There’s a dash of melody to be found underneath the grimy surface with Consumption sounding like a radio broadcast from a distant planet and Table of Drops being a secret electropop hit from another dimension.

For the most part, however, Fatal Man sticks to the principles taught by the likes of SPK, Einsturzende Neubaten and Throbbing Gristle. Menacing, mechanical and downright sinister at times the album leaves little room for contemplation – nothing short of a total war, indeed.

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Austin Chronicle reviews of John Wesley Coleman III, Evil Triplet and New Berlin

Three excellent reviews for the new albums by John Wesley Coleman III, Evil Triplet and New Berlin in the 10 February 2017 issue of the Austin Chronicle.

MICROWAVE DREAMS, the latest from Wes & company, received 4 stars — “Pared-down runtime, top-notch production, and souped-up arrangements, Microwave Dreams presents the singer-songwriter-guitarist in the best possible light. […] While Microwave Dreams glints the same ambitious spirit that gave rise to the Band’s Music from Big Pink, Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers, and the Minutemen’s Double Nickels on the Dime, these touchstones get thoroughly subsumed into a fresh amalgam.” 

OTHERWORLD, the debut double LP by Evil Triplet tallied 3-and-a-half stars — “The band’s power space rock punches all the right buttons: distortion, winding melodies, propulsive rhythms, astronautical lyrics, whooshing electronics – even the occasional Middle Eastern lift […] as if acid has run in their veins since birth. Space was always the place.”

BASIC FUNCTION, New Berlin’s debut full-length LP (also out on the German DIY label Erste Theke Tontraeger) gets 3 stars — “[NB] sounds like an artifact from the DIY Eighties, its angular garage-pop as informed by New Wave theatre as Nuggets. Like smart kids who prefer spinning records and strumming guitars to hanging out with the cool crowd, Flanagan and company channel their nervous energy into miniature explosions of tunes and sardonicism.”

Evil Triplet song premieres

Evil Triplet‘s double LP OTHERWORLD is coming out soon on 10 February. Check out the premiere of “Star Ladder” at Impose Magazine:

And in case you missed it, also listen to “Pyramids,” which premiered recently at Echoes and Dust:

Exclusive Track Premiere: Evil Triplet – Pyramids

New Berlin debut LP and record release show

New Berlin‘s debut LP, “Basic Function,” now available for order at our online store or digitally via iTunes, GooglePlay and other outlets including Spotify.

You may also get a copy from them in person at their record release show in Austin TX at Shirley’s Temple on Saturday, 17 December with Bum Out, Ichi Ni San Shi, Strange Squares (members of Nameless Frames, Manikin, Simple Circuit, et al), Bum Out, Dull, Little Failures. (FB event page)