‘bodiezNc0de’ Featured on Nooga’s October Tape Deck List

The Tape Deck: October 2017

More Eaze, Ziggurat, Asymmetrical Head and SLEEPiES.

In The Tape Deck this month, Nooga.com spends time with new cassettes from More Eaze, Ziggurat, Asymmetrical Head and SLEEPiES.

More Eaze“BodiezNc0de”
More Eaze is the moniker through which Marcus Maurice (AKA Marcus Rubio) crafts perfect pieces of abstract electronics filled with undulating rhythms and looping melodies. In his past work, he’s often hid these catchy bits of tone and texture under a host of frayed effects, but if you listen closely, their spiraling musical threads are eventually revealed. Mixing both acoustic and wired patterns, he distills his influences down to their bare melodic elements before reassembling them in a fashion that proves their ecstatic utility. He skips around through genres, laying out a complex and interconnected web of sounds and emotions that can’t easily be traced back to any specific aesthetic.

On his latest cassette, “BodiezNc0de,” he approaches his past from a pop-oriented perspective. Make no mistake, however, these are still wildly inventive songs that buck any idea of traditional structure. The production is as meticulous as always, even when the sounds seem to be warring with one another. But this collection feels far more song-centric than his prior releases, which always felt more impressionistic than purposely regimented. We’re still privy to the weirdness from time to time, but in general, he opts for a more ordered euphoria. Warm string melodies play against the spokes of his electronic tendencies as each song unfurls into a series of complicated examinations on political differences, conceptual ideas of the body and the persistence of physical form.

Out Now: Crack Pipes’ Beauty School and More Eaze’s bodiezNc0de

The Crack Pipes Beauty School

Available on vinyl for the first time ever is the seminal third album from Austin’s own The Crack Pipes – Beauty School! Originally released on CD in 2005 through Emperor Jones, the album has been beautifully remastered for vinyl by original audio master engineer Jerry Tubb and given a fresh album cover. Order your copy today at the Sonic Surgery Webstore!

More Eaze bodiezNc0de

Also out today is the newest offering from experimental/electronic composer, More Eaze – bodiezNc0de! A combination of pop-oriented songwriting, process/generative compositional techniques, and careful production, bodiezNc0de melds personal lyrics to the wider musical background that creative force Marcus Rubio hails from. Available on both CD and cassette. Order your copy today at the Self Sabotage Webstore!

Stream the New Album from More Eaze, bodiezNc0de, at Spill Magazine


Listen to ‘Chain Emailz’ – New Track From More Eaze


Austin’s Self Sabotage Records is here to provide a home for some of the more experimental vibes to come from within the city, such as More Eaze. Today we’ve got a brilliant tune from the project, giving insight into the latest release, bodiezNc0de. The first minute of this tune offers a minimal deconstruction, almost as if you’re hearing static over distant radio waves. But, listen carefully and you’ll hear the building of strings, allowing for the song to experiment with pop structures. What’s interesting is having the song’s natural tendency (especially with the introduction of vocals) towards pop sensibility sit right next to the sterile electronic notes carefully stuttering in the background. The song will capture the ears of casual listeners, and hopefully, as I suspect is the intent, draw them deeper into the constructionist nature of what’s at work. Impressive from start to finish, look for the release to drop on September 29th.