Super Secret & Twistworthy at Beerland

Today & tonight Wednesday, March 16th, we will be having our traditional (free/no wristband/badge required) split showcase with Twistworthy Records at Beerland, and this year, for the first time, we have both the day and night shows.

1:00 PM — Ralph White [Austin]

1:45 PM — Quin Galavis Band [Austin]

2:30 PM — Suspirians [Austin]

3:15 PM — The Ex-Optimists [College Station]

4:00 PM — New Berlin [McAllen]

4:45 PM — Mydolls Music [Houston]

5:30 PM — Nameless Frames [Austin]

6:00 PM — PATIO show: Skeleton [Austin]

7:00PM — Randall Holt [Austin]

8:00 PM — Ghost Knife [Austin]

8:45 PM — John Wesley Coleman III Band [Austin]

9:30 PM — Economy Island [Austin]

10:15 PM — Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes [Austin]

11:00 PM — Bum Out [Austin]

11:45 PM — Art Acevedo [Austin]

12:30 AM — Boss Eye [Austin]

1:15 AM -— Evil Triplet [Austin]

Austin Cultural Exchange & Self Sabotage Records, our experimental imprint, present a day full of some of the best experimental musicians playing — today, Tuesday, 15 March 2016, starting at noon.

ACE is a monthly collaborative series at the Museum of Human Achievement with an emphasis on community, eclecticism and fun.

1 PM — Ralph White (Austin)
New Acoustic with a strong dash of old Appalachia

2 PM — More Eaze (Austin)
de(con)structed pop; noise; structured improvisation

3 PM — Smokey Emery (Austin/Los Angeles)
field recordings & tape music

4 PM — Crown Larks (Chicago)
experimental post-punk

5 PM — Baby Blood (Denton)
free improvisation collective

6 PM — Bad Luck (Seattle)
experimental, improvisatory jazz

7 PM — Knest (Austin)
post-rock free improvisation

8 PM — Thor & Friends (Austin)
21st-century modern composition ensembleACESSRsxsw

Super Secret at SXSW 2016

SXSW is upon our hometown, Austin, Texas, but that doesn’t bring us down like some. We look forward to seeing old friends, making new ones, being surprised by new music, sharing Austin bands & records with visitor from near & far.

On Tuesday, 15 March, our experimental imprint, Self Sabotage Records, with Austin Cultural Exchange, a new monthly collaborative series, present a showcase of experimental/avant-garde/improvisational acts at the Museum of Human Achievement. A free show, open to all ages, BYOB, noon to 9 PM — free T-shirts & “adult coloring” posters while supplies last. Playing the show, in order of appearance: Ralph White, More Eaze, Smokey Emery, Crown Larks, Baby Blood, Bad Luck, Knest, Thor Harris & Friends.

On Wednesday, 16 March, we are having our annual showcase with Twistworthy Records at Beerland. A free show, 21+, noon to 2 AM — free T-shirts & posters while supplies last. Playing the show, in order of appearance: Ralph White, Quin Galavis Band, Suspirians, The Ex-Optimists, New Berlin, Mydolls, Nameless Frames, Ghost Knife, John Wesley Coleman III (band), Economy Island, Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes, Bum Out, Art Acevedo, Boss Eye, Evil Triplet.